07:13:06: JayBonci: EDEV: Just as a point of random curiosity, do you think people would like the ability to set the "topic" on rooms they create, and make setting a topic on outside a level power? Just curious. Something that could be done in the catbox..

07:14:23: JayBonci: EDEV: Like something along the lines of /topic N-Wing is a funny pants. For no aparent reason. This seems simple enough, and seems to be a decent "toy" feature. Thoughts?

07:15:39: JayBonci: EDEV: I don't have a suggestion on it, since it's all little tiny setting work, and messing with the way rooms work. Just a thought. Where is the code that receives the stuff you type in here?

07:26:18: JayBonci: EDEV: Sorry about that, it seems that it is in message, the opcode. =)

08:12:52: JerboaKolinowski: EDEV: why does private message xml ticker entitify characters, so if I type &, it appears as '&'? Shouldn't it preserve what the user typed? (or do I just not understand what this XML stuff is about?)

11:20:42: sleeping wolf: EDEV: (JerboaKolinowski) In XML, we have to escape these things so that when the data is processed appropriately we get back the original -- that way, after the XML browser has had its way with it it will have turned & into &.

12:53:35: donfreenut: ONO: EDEV: If special characters are not escaped, XML::Parser (really the only useful XML parser for Perl) die()s when it gets to them.

16:51:21: mblase: EDEV: requesting feedback on edev: nodeletsection as to whether or not my code will even run.

17:03:29: JerboaKolinowski: EDEV: Is that correct behaviour by XML::Parser because unescaped specials are not valid XML? Ok, since we're expecting the data to be escaped by the users, maybe we should merely ensure it is correctly escaped, not always re-escape it?

19:30:53: gnarl: EDEV: re: /topic i like it. this would be a good solution to no catbox for guest user, too. The catbox nodelet could reflect what topic is chosen ("EDB's New Tattoo!" and an invite for guest to become a user and join in.

19:33:26: anotherone: EDEV: I like the /topic type thing, but here's how I'd use it- say that N-Wing has fscked up the catbox again. There could be a little note saying "You have to click talk a few times to make it work." A mini news for noders type thing.

19:34:29: m_turner: EDEV: just an idea - each level above 6 you get to upload an additional image. A random image from those uploaded is then selected (rather than just the one). A lvl 7 could have 2 images, level 8 would have 3, etc..

20:25:38: JayBonci: EDEV: a1: Right, but if he was really fucking up the catbox he could just change the perl code to say that. It might be good to also have it randomly select a topic from the Everything Quote Server. That might be good.

20:29:44: JayBonci: EDEV: m_turner: The only problem with that is that it would require a little more file management than what we have now. How would that work. I have three images and want to delete number two. Currently they are stored as (username).ext in the dir

20:31:15: JayBonci: EDEV: We could change it so that they would be like JayBonci.1.gif all the way down, and then just randomly pick one, but it would make homenode loading slower (as we couldn't hit cached images and that sort of thing).

20:34:55: sleeping wolf: EDEV: (XML escaping) I think the idea is that when the stuff is unescaped, you will wind up with the exact content relative to HTML. This means that after you unescape a writeup of yours you viewed in XML, it will be exactly what you put in.

20:36:49: donfreenut: EDEV: Actually, when I asked this question on Perlmonks, Randal L. Schwartz (!) was like, "if the characters are unescaped, then it's bad XML, and should be fixed. period."

20:57:03: JayBonci: EDEV: word messer-upper seems to be tossing server errors down by line 38 or 39 or so after i put a few words into it. This one is probably pretty minor.

22:39:44: m_turner: EDEV: re-file management. Instead of a file for each user, a directory. From this dir, a random file is selected.

22:43:22: yerricde: EDEV: Another plus: Multiple homenode pictures could be used to host images of items being sold on eBay or something.

22:43:32: m_turner: EDEV: if anything - this may clean up the userincoming directory. Some people already have 2 images there - a .jpeg and .gif. Thus instead of http://everything2.com/images/userincoming/m_turner.jpeg -- it would be /m_turner/1.jpeg follow?

22:44:34: m_turner: EDEV: (and my humble appolgoies for putting a large unwraped url in all of our inboxes.)

22:46:29: JayBonci: EDEV: m_turner: That might actually work out well, but still doesn't make level seven any cooler ;). I'd love to be able to rotate through a few pictures, really subtly different, so people might confuse them for the same one. bwahahaha!

22:58:05: m_turner: EDEV: jay - you're just fiding "you have 115 nodes until level 7" too daunting. (/me mutters something about 166 nodes until level 8)

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