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"You're being most un-dude, Dude" - Walter, The Big Lebowski
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27 yr Old, Male, Australian, Geek. Wears glasses. Armani.
Takes extreme pride in inherent computer obsesiveness.

Resume & Stuff -
age 8, read Lord of the Rings. All three books.
Taught self basic coding also at 8(quite common these days.)
Ended up going to university (Southern Cross University, Lismore, Australia) and drinking a lot of beer.
IBM then employed me for some reason.
Drank a lot of beer at IBM.
Andersen Consulting then employed me because IBM did.
Andersen's flies me around to drink beer in lots of different cities.
Also have a startup, which currently moonlighting for. All major board and strategic decisions are done over beer.
It will revolutionise economics.
Aside from all that boring stuff (except the beer), enjoy horse riding, candle lit dinners, and slow dancing to sunsets over a bottle of shiraz wine. Yeah right. Mostly just play Quake.