How can i tell her it will be ok, when i am not there with her?

How can i hold her hand during the tests, and tell her they are going to come out clean?

How can i hug her and hold her and tell her i love her when the results come out negative?

How can i be there to be sure she doesn't try to end her life?

How do i make sure the man gets what he deserves, and not a light ass sentence from a judge?

How can i do any of this, when she is so so far away?

All i can do, is pray, and wait till her name appears on my msn list.

Update: At 5am, i walked indoors from talking with my mate and she was on. No sperm was found, however the intruder confessed to raping her and is charged with first degree rape. I thank you all for your prays.

Update: September 18: The fucker pleaded not guilty and is now free as a bird until the trial. Fuck i hate the US Justice System.