The person who is perfectly matched to be yours for life. Although not born alongside, and made for you, they are said to be there, you just have to look for them, or find them.Usually you would want to marry this person, but sometimes your unfortunate enough to marry the wrong person. Your soul mate always understands you, and even if you don't always agree, you always get along. It is believed that every person who can give love has the potential to have a soul mate.

A soul mate will grow with you, and despite change you will always be connected, and will not grow apart. Both of you grow in a why that might not be together, but is compatable with each other (does that make sense?). If you give love, you will always recieve it in some other way or another.

I am a romantic and believe that everyone that is capable of love has a soul mate. If this wasn't true, what is the purpose of life. Love, in my mind anyways, is the reason that we are alive, to find love.