"Lone Wolf And Cub" is the "must-see" of any samurai movie fan. It documents the story of a father and son who are now killers living on the road in order to avenge the death of their loved ones.

The main two characters, Ogami Itto, and his son Daigoro are continually going on assasination missions for 500 gold pieces. Along the way they get into trouble with their arch rivals, the evil Yagyu clan. Bloody battles ensue, and the action is pure.

The story is based on the manga called "Lone Wolf and Cub" published in japanese weekly comics in the early 1970s. Lone Wolf And Cub was filmed in Toho Studios between 1975-1977. It was one of the bloodiest and most violent of all the the samurai action series ever made. As well as violence, the film was shot with very well done cinematography, and great camera angles.