I am some kind of private investigator, "shadowing" some suspicious person who is creeping around the campus of a fundamentalist or evangelical Christian private school.

Perhaps it is suspected that the person I am trailing is hiding explosives somewhere on the grounds. At first I assume that I must remain hidden from the headmistress of the school, but the walls of the classrooms are transparent and she at some point sees me, seems to recognize me, and smiles.

Perhaps we have a conversation, but at the very least, she seems aware of what I am there to do, and appears to be doing things to help me.

A scene on the roof of one of the campus buildings: for some reason it reminds me of a mansard roof, even though it is more like the typical roof of a cathedral, though more modern and minimal in its construction. All these surfaces are see-through, or seem to conceal boxes and cubes of various sorts.

I begin to suspect that the person I am chasing is not placing explosives, but he is searching for them himself. The thought occurs that this is all some sort of scavenger hunt, as the headmistress organizes the children to join in the chase.