Something like the Pillsbury Bake-Off. There is a contest to develop a cookie recipe and then — the faces are all indistinct, or at least the people here are unfamiliar — someone invents a tongue-in-cheek "theme song" which they use mainly to annoy other people. The song seems familiar during the dream, but on awaking I cannot remember what the song is based on at all (I want to say Gilligan's Island but know that is some sort of semiconscious interpolation). I cannot recall it, even though I sense that I am one of those who picks up on the theme song and uses it to amuse myself and to annoy those among the contestants who are taking themselves a little too seriously.

At some point, after the bake-off is winding down, it seems, a caravan of cars assembles, leaving slowly from a large field that has served as parking lot and gathering place for the bake-off. (Don't ask me where the ovens were; most of the bake-off seems to have taken place in this large park or field of some sort. The feel is that of a big flea market or some sort of folk festival. Maybe we had taken over a state park?)

A car full of "theme song singers" is two cars ahead of mine. I am alone in my car, but can sense that the driver and passengers in the car between mine and the raucous singers is getting ready to retaliate, possibly with a song of their own, but the possibility of a violent outburst cannot be ruled out either.

As always, this feels like a fragment of something I am grasping to recall more fully.