K. (someone who once worked for my SO's firm) is accused of poisoning her grandchildren. (I watched a little more of I, Claudius last night). At first it seems unlikely and we ridicule those who are investigating the rumor. Eventually, the evidence becomes too convincing to dismiss.

D. (a mutual friend) comes to our bedroom — we are staying in a very nice hotel. She wants to cuddle with S. (my SO) and possibly with the three of us. She makes funny sighing noises as she sits down on our bed

The hotel room we stay in is decorated in a very late-50s or early-60s style, lots of silver, chrome, mirrors and compound curves, as well as intense pastels and a look that is something like faded Kodachrome prints of that era, rather than necessarily what the true colors of the time may have been.

There is something in a newspaper about some sort of sale. It seems we are at this hotel, somewhere far from home, because we want to shop for something. It is unclear what that something is.

We are supposed to meet other friends at a shop, but D.'s appearance in our hotel room tells us that our original plan will not work. It seems that D. has already come on to that particular shop owner and has an existing (sexual) relationship, which it seems is an essential part of what we were seeking in this shopping trip.