A scrawny version of Sylvester Stallone is posing as a detective. His name is something like (but not quite) Rocky Balboa.

An extremely thin, older woman who resembles Diana Vreeland hires him, leading him to believe that this is a detective job, but at first it seems she mainly wants him to get rid of some shabby old furniture for her. The woman's personal assistant, who is someone like Rene Auberjonois kibbitzes as Balboa single-handedly tries to lift a large couch onto his back.

Shortly thereafter, an indistinct gang of bad guys are threatening people all over the city. The personal assistant is jumpy, checking for trouble everywhere around him. He's about to open up his car, when a hand reaches out from the front passenger seat and pulls him into the car and we can just guess at what happens to him from there.

Somewhat later, in the lobby of the Park Avenue-ish apartment building where the Vreeland woman lives, Balboa lights up a cigarette. S. is sleeping on a couch (maybe the couch Stallone was trying to move?) in the lobby of this building.

I warn him that S. will be upset with him when she smells the smoke, and I wake just as she begins waking up and starts telling him off.