The Funeral

Walking along the eastern bank of the Missouri River, heading north... the river appears to be drying up. I am on my way to attend the funeral of a distant relative I'd never met in life. We find our way to the funeral, which is being held outdoors along the banks.

Apparently my relatives (most of whom I've never met, and they remain indistinct in this sequence) feel that the person officiating is terribly hilarious. There seem to be thousands of people attending this funeral, so the laughter is impressive.

Hexed Space

Another sequence. I am with people who are showing me around an enchanted space of some kind. There is a post which is part of a framework that is somewhere between a garden enclosure and the frame of a house. If you place a quarter on this post, it will almost instantly "zing" off and land somewhere around the borders of the space, which resembles a Monopoly-like gameboard.

Attacks and Questions

Isolated in a house somewhere, possibly near the hexed and enchanted spaces. People are shooting at us through the window frames of this house. My youngest daughter asks me why I don't seem to own a tiara... She seems puzzled that I have all these nice dresses, but not enough hair ornaments for her taste???