I am browsing the aisles in a drugstore, perhaps in Wells, Nevada or maybe in Provincetown. I notice a tall, slender, boyish person in a peasant blouse. Looking around there are other, willowy figures in light, summery blouses and baby tees, as well as a fairly large concentration of gay boys, thus the sense this might be Provincetown (though it looks a lot like Wells).

I look through a collection of art prints by Chinese emigrés, painted in a kitschy style reminiscent of decorative prints from the late '50s or early '60s. Farmyard scenes presented in a "motel art sale" style, but rendered in Chinese watercolor style, with brushwork and repeated elements that clearly echo Chinese art motifs.

One of the clerks offers me one of the slightly damaged prints for (almost) free, until her manager interferes. They have an argument and I slink away to look at the cute guys and girls. At least one of them begins to flirt as the worker bees continue their dispute.