It might be possible to create a drug that has the effects Geez identifies as desirable. However, it may not be possible or particularly beneficial to produce "instant" orgasms. According to conversations with a therapist friend, there is a fair bit of neurological research ongoing that seems to confirm the existence of the chakras that are a focus of tantra and of kundalini yoga, both of which deal a great deal with learning to manage and exchange energies that flow through the various chakras.

There is much in tantric and kundalini tradition to suggest that unleashing these energies without proper care and discipline is unwise, and possibly hazardous to one's health and mental well-being. That would be the bad news.

The good news is that, with devoted study and practice, one can experience orgasm (as distinct from ejaculation and lower abdomen effects mentioned by Geez in all sexes and genders) as more of a full body experience, or localized to one or more of the upper chakras.

My sense from what most people report about their sexual experience is that most orgasms experienced by non-tantra-practicing folk tend to be centered in the lower one or two chakras. Margo Anand's The Art of Sexual Magic is one of the better places to start for a general introduction to tantric principles.

Gina Ogden's book, Women Who Love Sex gives a clear case example of a woman with very good control and abilities to reach orgasm with no apparent physical stimulation ("thinking off" she calls it) but while describing chakric orgasms very clearly, Ogden's book fails to discuss the specifics of what the chakras are, or the fact that they have specific, consistent locations along and near the spinal column. It's also possible the woman profiled in that section simply discovered how to work her chakric energies without ever coming across tantra, and therefore did not know to mention to Ogden just what she was doing, or at least did not have the language of tantra and kundalini to make it clearer how this can in fact be learned.

It can also be learned by men, though most tantric sourcebooks suggest that it is often more difficult for at least many men to approach this particular knowledge than it is for many women.