This is my recipe for Cheese Dip. While this is basic way I make it, I really never make the recipe the same way twice.

Between 1-2lbs of sausage.
1-2 cans of tomatoes and diced chile or rotels
1 can of plain pinto beans - no salt. Optional
2lbs Velveta (low fat) or Kraft American cheese, (don't use real American Cheese, it's not greasy enought to work well).

1/2 to one onion and or bunch of green onion.
Mushrooms - fresh diced about 8 oz.
Pepper to taste
Garlic 1-3 cloves finely diced.

Cut up the cheese, melt in crock pot. Add tomato and beans.

In saucepan brown the sausage, then add onions, mushrooms, garlic and Pepper. Cook until onions are translucent.

Add sausage to cheese. Mix

Serve with corn chips