The Boeing 307 Stratoliner made aviation history as the world’s first high-altitude commercial transport with a pressurized cabin, and the first four engine aircraft in commercial service. It cruised at more than 20,000 feet with a crew of 5 and room for 33 passengers.

Howard Hughes, purchased one and transformed it into a flying penthouse with a master bedroom, two bathrooms, a galley, a bar and a large living room.

Only 10 Boeing 307 Stratoliners were built, the last one still flying crashed in the ocean on March 28, 2002, this plane a Pan American Clipper Flying Cloud was recovered and is awaiting repairs. This Stratocruiser is owned by the Smithsonian Institution's Air and Space Museum.

First flight: Dec. 31, 1938
Model number: SA-307B and C-75
Classification: Commercial and military transport
Span: 107 feet 3 inches
Length: 74 feet 4 inches
Gross weight: 42,000 pounds
Top speed: 246 mph
Cruising speed: 220 mph
Range: 2,390 miles
Ceiling: 26,200 feet
Power: Four 1,000-horsepower Wright Cyclone engines
Accommodation: 5 crew, 33 passengers