I got my windows tinted on Friday morning. I was told to wait two sunny days until rolling down my windows. Friday was bright and hot. Saturday and Sunday were half sunny and hot, half overcast and not quite so hot.

I worked from noon until nine pm on Sunday. And I figure, hey, I can put the windows down. Score. It's a nice night out anyway.

So, I go home, give dad his little sampler box of ten cigars for Father's Day, because I love him so much I'm going to give him the gift of throat and mouth cancer. Anyway.

After changing out of my work clothes, I go to meet up with a few friends. About a half mile away from my house, I'm driving along, windows down, forty in a thirty-five, and listening the Blue Man Group when out of nowhere, I hear a sharp KRAK! from above my head, and almost immediately feel something hit my head above my left ear.

"The fuck was that?" I ask myself, and pull into an empty driveway. I reach down, expecting to find a rock. Hoping, actually, to find a rock, so that I may track down the asshole kids responsible and knock out some teeth.

That's odd. Something feels almost fuzzy.

Mr Homeowner comes out to investigate, and I get out and plead my case. Hey, I was driving along and something hit my car, then my head, and I think it's furry. Can I get a garbage bag?

He goes in his house, I look down, and see a pair of bird's legs.

What the fuck?

He comes back, sees the carnage: Holy shit, he says. I'm surprised you didn't crash. Yep, it's a mockingbird. That's fucking incredible. Maybe you should put your windows up, eh?