A Canadian computer hardware company. Rebel.com used to be known as Hardware Canada Computing (or maybe Hardware Computing Canada - they couldn't even get it right all the time) and as HCC they used to sell Sun workstation clones and file servers from Network Appliance.

Then all of a sudden they decided to buy Corel Computer from Corel (mainly for the Netwinder), and rename themselves to Rebel.com. Yes, that's their official company name, with the .com in there. They reportedly paid at least $1 million ($CAD) to licence James Dean's picture for their website. Now they resell Network Appliance, SGI and HP gear, and they design and manufacture StrongARM Netwinders. The Netwinders are sold as development machines and "office servers" -- all-in-one file and print serving and internet sharing boxes for small business. Their Sun clones have been renamed the "Netwinder S-Series"