In introducing beginning campers to wilderness ethics, it may be helpful to introduce proper sanitation techniques in a fun manner. For children ages 10-13, we used two methods:
  1. We named the sanitation trowel, "Mr. Scoopy." Doing so not only removed the stigma of carrying it, but campers would argue over who had the honor of carrying Mr. Scoopy for the group.
  2. The following song, which can be sung (in the round, if you like) to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat": The follow-up to the song was to make sure that the children knew both distances (six inches-- made easier when REI's sanitation trowels began being manufactured with a ruler embossed on it; and 200 feet (sometimes 100 feet, it varied with the wilderness area we visited and how heavily impacted it was with visitors)-- marked off by assuming a 3 foot stride and counting 65 steps).