American bandleader (1889-1970) who fronted one of the hottest swing bands of the 1920s, The Benson Orchestra of Chicago.

Bestor's musical career began on the vaudeville circuit as a pianist, and he formed an early dance band in 1921. By the mid 1920's he was working for the Benson band, and took over as leader and signed the band with Victor Records. Notable recordings of the band under Bestor's direction were, Copenhagen and In A Covered Wagon With You. He resumed his own band by 1933 and recorded with Brunswick Records throughout much of the 1930s. They had the number one hit song in March 1933, "Forty-Second Street." On radio, the Don Bestor Orchestra was featured on the Walter O'Keefe Show. At the same time, they started working for a new program starring a comedian named Jack Benny. The Benny program took off in 1934 and was a national hit. Bestor was often asked by Benny to, "Play, Don, Play!" Bestor wrote the commercial for the Jack Benny Program when it was sponsored by, "J-E-L-L-O." Bestor continued to tour his band until 1943.