Wake up. Shower. Omelette or rice?
Read up on hydrogen burning. Jot notes.
Breakfast: tortillas, rice pudding, unbaked beans.
Read up on utopia.
Set pan with baking soda to heat to clean.
Cranberry and hibiscus tea (check on the hibiscus)
Clean off table of letters, books, bills.
Wash dishes.
Mix up a solution of borax and Dr. Bronner's Magic All-in-One Eucalyptus Castile soap and wash the floor.
Hoky-sweep the carpet.
Scrounge for bus fare.
Pack lunch: an orange. Leftover chili.
Set off for work. 57 to BART. AC 8 to the top of the hill.
3 dinosaur shows.

I am told my haircut makes me look much younger.
High energy show last night (BIMPS), good crowd.
I mime a motorcycle accident. Slow down my space work, I think.
I am double cast in a novel as both the stable boy and "Malicious the Silent."
Scenes without "I"- I am too conscious of the form. I have the impulse to say "I" almost every line, stifle it. Should I just play the scene oblivious to the limitation? The audience loves to see the look on the face when you suddenly realize what you've just said.