Not Enough Debate? Spam Goes to War

I've written before about the not enough debate canard -- the idea that debate about the Iraq war has been absent, or even suppressed. More evidence that this is foolish arrived in my inbox today, in the form of two spams. One was from "Kate" (I LOVE the Internet -- its so friendly -- I can be on an instant, first name basis with a woman I've never met!!!), with subject "Should America Be At War". The other was from "Internet Survey" (honest at least), with subject "Do you support the war in Iraq". With a few clicks its possible to view source without revealing to interested parties that I've opened their spy-mail -- and Lo!, a T-shirt offer if I fill out this "consumer survey". Alas my hopes that Gallup or other legit opinion pollsters have finally decided to ask me what I think are once again dashed...

My point here is, spammers have realized people, or at least the Internet community, are so interested in the war, and interested in having their opinions be heard, they're likely to open an email that purports to be an opinion survey about the war. Its doesn't say a thing about who is right or wrong about the war, but it does provide additional evidence that people are at least taking an interest in this chapter of the great debate.

And, legitimate, scientific polls, on CNN for example, indicate something like 3/4 of all American viewers are watching 2 or more hours of war coverage per day!