Scientists are not, as Sporus would have you believe, a group of eletist hoarders of knowledge. Scientific knowledge is widely available...ask anyone who has studied it, and they will almost certainly be more than happy to tell you whatever you want to know. Or go to your local library, or even search around here on e2.

The widespread ignorance of science is less a result of the scarcity of scientific knowledge, and more the result of it being genuinely compicated. Students go to school for years to understand things like general relativity and quantum mechanics. They are very mathematical in nature, and not really suitable for after-school specials on TV. But there is plenty of non-mathematical literature on these subjects, and for someone who really wants to understand them, there is nothing stoppping them from learning the material.

Moreover, most people just don't care about science. If it isn't directly relevant to their life, they don't want to know about it.