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hi, well I'm Louise obviously and i come from Ireland incase ya wanted to know. I'm famous for my bad spelling/grammer

some random facts about me:

1) Art- and intend on studying art in college next year and becoming an art teacher or photographer.
2) Music- a big part of my life, I dont like the "usuall" music, and my friends think the bands i listen to are so weird because they've never heard them before,but i could be found listening to anything....rock, alternative, irish music, anything really
3) Sports - even though I'm crap at almost every sport, especially hurling our countrys sport, i stiil love to play most sports, especiall love, tennis all challangers are welcome.

1) People who have no respect for the road and other road users,
2) People who dont wear seatbelts.
3) People who speed
4) People who drink an drive
5) Mostly i hate people who drive around in there "pimped" up cars with there music up to the last and the windows rolled down so everyone can hear there shitty shitty UNCE UNCE music
6) i really dont like dance music but i wouldnt say i hate it. persay

anything with Ben Stiller, i love his dumb ass funny movies especially Zoolander
i also loved, Warof the worlds, Leathon weapon 123and4, mission impossible, the bourne ultimatium, bourne identidy, and the bourne supremacy (ya ya speling i know), i also liked the lord of the rings
All the best movies come in 3s

this could take a while so here's the short list!
Maximo Park, Maroon 5, The Editors, Foo Fighters, Elvis Jonny Chash, Feeder, U2, Bloc Party, The Delorentos, Linkin Park, Guns and Roses, Ray Charles, The Monkeys, Queen, and the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on ..........