OK, I guess I should add to this, as I've had my share of encounters with bad drivers.

  • First, I would like you to familiarize yourself with a feature of your car that seems to be alien to many drivers. Walk around your car. On all four corners, you will see yellow lights. (The rear ones may be red for some cars.) These are called (guess what?) turn signals. And on the left side of your steering wheel, there is a small lever that controls them. You use them to signal before making a turn. That wasn't hard, was it? Yet so many people forget...
  • If you drive in the rightmost lane on the freeway, expect people to be merging in. They will drive more slowly than you. Don't hit them. And don't be an asshole, either.
  • If you want to talk on your cell phone while driving, fine. But driving is your main priority. It is not a good idea to take both hands from the steering wheel and use one to hold the phone to your ear and the other to gesticulate as if the person you're talking to is right there. Also, slowing down to 35 on the freeway because you want to focus on the important call is frowned upon.
  • This sounds like a truism because it's written in all DMV driving booklets, but: leave enough space on all sides of your vehicle and monitor your surroundings. This is the best way to avoid accidents (and you can use your mirrors to see police cars pacing you, if you're driving above the speed limit)
  • Do not slow down at an accident scene. Do not stop your car in the middle lane of the freeway to watch or to offer help, especially if the emergency personnel has arrived already.
  • The way I interpret the speed limit is: the speed you should be able to drive safely in good weather and traffic condtions on that particular highway. If you can't for any reason, choose another route.
  • Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Ever. Even though you feel you're safe. Please.

More as I think of them. You only learn to swear after you learn to drive.