Actually, if you can deal with sending a "I'm not interested" card once a month, and you're good at reading legalese, joining a CD club can actually save you money. Make sure you pick one that sells a lot of your favorite music; not all artists are available in all CD clubs. They usually ask you to purchase x (usually 1 or 2) CDs at regular price (around $16 + S&H), and then you'll get y (y > x; usually 11 - 15) CDs for "free" (only S&H costs, about $3 per CD). The catch: every month they send you a "Based on your musical preferences, we think you'd like the following album (at regular price)" card; you have to check "No, thanks" and return it if you don't want to be charged. Once you get all of your y CDs, cancel your membership, and the hassles will go away.