I had the sudden revelation that Everything is a collection of opinions, rather than a collection of facts. This may be blatantly obvious, but just because it's so obvious, we tend to overlook its meaning. It means that we can't use Everything to search for data on subjects that interest us; all we will get is opinions from nameless individuals. Voting doesn't help, either; voting will help promote the opinions that most accurately reflect the general view of this small, elitist community that we form. Not necessarily the best, the most factual, the most researched ones. And given that many node on subjects that they are not experts on, we might get only one side of the story, and we don't even know which one.

So, when noding information (as opposed to funny but noisy comments), please document your nodes. Do some research. Quote your sources. Mention opinions which contradict yours. Separate fact, opinion and fiction.

Everything is an encyclopedia. Or not. Your choice, but I believe that Everything has to be Everything.