First and foremost, flamingweasel rules! Stop claiming you have no organizational skills, you'd make a terrific tour guide.

Second: pictures!

Here's the chain of events as related from the dwyn side of things:

The Day Before, Friday, August 3rd, 2001. After spending some time in the airport looking for a girl with a Lesbians! Monkey! Soy! sign, I finally spotted her in the baggage claim area. She does not have the mean look that her username implies, and current theories seem to indicate that she is not a suspect in the case of the three deaths that wonko reported. Later on I climbed Mount Tabor with ideath where we discussed the New World Order. Be afraid, for noders shall rule the world! At night we met up with the man with the toilet seats (who now hates all toilet seat references), had a few (too many?) drinks, and talked until I passed out on the sofa.

D-Day, Saturday, August 4th, 2001. New characters: wonko (the not-sane), professor doctor prime minister secretary general qous and a very joyous quality, and Unless (don't ask him "unless what?"). Time for the drive to Seattle; lunch at Spiffy's along the way (they had religious pamphlets with checkboxes! Check here if you let Jesus into your soul and you will be saved!), smote (or smited?) each other, and rocked on!

Let me tell you one thing. Finding your way around Seattle is easy, especially if you use the Space Needle as your destination. Always keep the needle in your view and you'll be safe. So we got to the fountain and, slowly but surely, the crowd of noders started to grow... Good thing flamingweasel had nametags, as I'm terribly bad with names. We took the Seattle monorail into downtown Seattle, saw the flying fish in Pike's Place Market, I tried to get lost with Unless, Pyrogenic and ideath, we all went for dinner at Sit 'n Spin and finally, after much fuss, we got to Chez Weasel!

We had:

Aftermath, Sunday, August 5th, 2001. We headed out towards Dixie's Barbecue, we managed to lose one of the three cars in the caravan along the way, only to find out that it was closed on Sundays. And that's when I had to drive off to Portland to catch my flight back...

Now... When's the next one?