Kronenbourg are French brewers recently acquired by the huge Danone food group. It is situated in the Alsace region in north-western France, within a few kilometres of the German border.

The original brewery was situated on the river banks in the centre of Strasbourg which provided the plentiful supply of water(*) required for the brewing process but suffered tremendous damage when the river flooded in the winter, so was moved to higher ground. The town they moved to is called Cronenbourg, and changed name to Kronenburg every time Alsace was conquered by Germany. The brewery interestingly retained both flavours, keeping the initial German 'K' and the French '-bourg' ending.

The products they offer are divided into two main categories. They brew beer in three major breweries in France, and also import and distribute beer from other countries. Amongst the beer they brew locally are Kronenbourg, a commercial lager, 1664, their Premium Lager offering and Kanterbrau after having acquired the rights to the originally German beer. They import and distribute Beamish, Bud and Carlsberg amongst others.

* : The current process uses 8 litres of water for every litre of beer produced.