She stepped into a bright night
Brighter than any night should be
Stars the size of golf balls shone
No more shade nor evil dark alley
Clearly something was amiss 
Nights have no right to outshine day
And yet she seemed unperturbed
A huge dog stood right before her
Larger than any dog should be
Eyes the size planets glared
Fur glowing blue and eerily
The bright night lit razor fangs
The angry brute prepared to pounce
And she hasn't seen a thing 
Then the world turns upside down
And inside out and wrong way round
Galaxies coil, spill their guts 
A raging sea and furrowed ground
Below her feet, gaping void
Above her head demons despair
And still she will not blink
Delicate fingers, nails so pink
Tap-tapping out of absent vice
And pretty eyes of hazel grey
Peek at a small device
To her despair
There's nothing there
He hasn't even called.

Written for a fourteen year-old sis who is permanently glued to her mobile phone. I have never tried poetry before and dumped a first attempt here. It will thankfully be my last.