I would like to refer to Blakey's last two albums.

The Art of Jazz, released in October 1989, was recorded as a one-off show to celebrate Art's 70th birthday and represents one of the most impressive line-ups that the Jazz Messengers had ever seen, including Freddie Hubbard, Brian Lynch, Wayne Shorter, Buster Williams, Roy Haynes and Michelle Hendricks amongst others. The atmosphere was one of general celebration and although the music took a second place in the general spirit, the album has great moments such as the impressive "Along came Betty". Blakey had been leading a band since the age of fifteen and showed no signs of weakness so many years after.

In his final effort on Chippin' On, however, he seems to be making every effort to prevent all noticing that he is, tragically, slowing down. The Blakey technique is unwavering but the impressive speed and aggression witnessed on his previous works is marginally reduced.