Germany also has many fraternities. The are some similarities to american ones and many differences. Almost all German Fraternities have their own House were the members meet for Partying and other social events. The difference is that not all Fraternity members live in the House. Beer is the generally consumed in more than large quantities and there are several drinking rituals. For example the "Bierjunge" which essentially means "Beerboy". If somebody calls you a "Bierjunge" and you say "Hängt" which essentially means "I accept", you and your opponent each drink a quantity of Beer as fast as you can. The quantities range from a tiny 0.25 Liter to a respectable 1.5 Liter. "Bierjunge" are usually drunk when one person insults the other and he demands satisfaction. Most Members wear a 3-colored sash which identifies them. So there are no secret handshakes like in America.