My partner-in-crime, eroticbetty added this writeup about Marilyn Manson on this day. It got killed, violently, and only because a bunch of e2ers seem to be icky Trent Reznor lovers. She hasn’t noded since. PS I like the word “cuntish”.

Marilyn Manson

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How sad it must have been to attend high school with disproportioned earlobes, a pre-pubescent body and an insatiable craving for sex. How traumatic to have your father threaten to take you to a prostitute because of expired hope of actually ever receiving that sex. How disturbing to, after receiving that long awaited sex, discover that the most obliging town slut has given you crabs. And how embarrassing that in a fit of panic you should turn to your mother in this time of need to have her blame your STD ownership on those 'darn tanning salons' that you were recently forced to attend in attempt to eradicate the tragically pussy acne that has recently bloomed on your not-so-attractive head.
Marilyn Manson was not a lucky boy, and yet through all adversities he has created a very public name for himself; some rather fine music; a wardrobe of ass-clinging sparkly delicacies and a league of bible bashing, rake wielding, gun toting, roadkill devouring Christians just waiting to do the pretty little man in.

I would like to take this moment to inform the likes of sine23, Trepidity, and anyone else who may choose to partake in their ludicrous beliefs; that Manson does not, has not, and never will need the assistance of the excessively loathable Trent Reznor (a more cuntish being we are yet to endure.) Some seem to be under the impression that it was Reznor's (aka 'the intensely ordinary man') assistance in producing the album that was the deciding point in Manson’s career as a musician. And whilst some may remain under the disillusioned opinion that it was Reznor's input that somehow *miraculously* saved the day, the demo tape that was received was deemed as "quality listening”; it was the over-worked production that had left it lacking in substance. Reznor simply remixed the thing and produced a better quality sound as opposed to what had been previously created by an inexperienced producer. So please, lets not allow ourselves to be fooled into believing that the intensely ordinary man is of any worth; he is a hideously self righteous man, who has obviously taken credit for something he clearly only played a minor role in. So lets pause to consider the following:
If Trent Reznor was the responsible party for the fame which Manson has acquired, then why, pre-tell is Marilyn Manson one hundred times bigger. Greater. And just plain old more bombastic, than Nine Inch Nails could ever even conceive of being.

Words we believe eloquently describe Trent Reznor:
Proud, deluded, cliché, painful, butt ugly, croony, insipid.

It concerns me how misinterpreted Brian Warner actually is, I think he is even perplexed to what he himself has created. So often is he mistaken for some Goth evangelist freakshow, when in reality, beneath the layers of shimmery eyeshadow, whoreish women's lingerie and shockspasm persona, Brian Warner is a sad little boy who just wanted some artistic recognition. In regard to sine23’s comment on Brian being ‘intellectually barren”, I would like to announce that upon finishing high school he became a proficient journalist and has since written a novel. So there.

His recent relationship breakup with Rose McGowan has left him at even more of a loose end than ever; so much so that in a moment of obvious desperation he has agreed to date Dita von Teese; a repulsive, C-grade fetish pornstar. Even a man as physically hideous as Manson can surely expect more than this.
It would appear that even presidential members would delight in giving the poor boy hell; after hearing of Manson’s publicised support in a recent campaign, President Bush responded to his kind words with "thanks but no thanks." It really makes you wonder why the poor boy would bother any longer doesn’t it.