I was wondering about how to 'advertise' this project, so to speak, considering it was nuked (grrr@Klaproth) and rests now only in my homenode, and then i realised I can put it in a daylog, like all the other poor nuked souls do :) So, read, and learn:

The Most Dazzling e2 Journal Project

Oh ye olde noders. Come hither. Pronto bambino.
I have a proposition for ye all. (alright enough funny talk).
I, dustfromamoth will procure a Notebook, it might be bare, it might be swanky and lavish and adorned with peacocks and paperclips, either way, it will be in existence, and I want you to add to it, all of you.




I figure once it’s all completed I shall find some way to circulate it so that we may all see the shockspasm results. I’ll upload .jpeg images to a website. I can node all the entries of the Most Dazzling e2 Journal for all to see.

Backers, do I see any backers? Does anybody have a crumb of vision, does anybody see how dreamy this might be?
It makes me swoon to be sure. Ah, the possibilities!! The diaphanous potential, my dears! The humanity!

/msg me, email me, whatever really, I shall create a list of all you funky noders in agreeance, so you may all see in what order ye shall receive:)23 noders are on the list thus far:

I have been consorting with such individuals as pukesick and s/a/b and it has come to my attention that perhaps submitting individual pages might be better, as i can then make duplicates for every noder involved to keep. If anybody has any ideas about this, /msg me, won't you. I was considering sizes of the paper.. A4 is the most standard but perhaps too cumbersome.. A5? That's an A4 sheet folded in half, dolls.