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[Betty Cooper] and [Veronica Lodge] are more than just sexy comic book characters fighting over a worryingly lacklustre version of a teenage [casanova]. This is more than merely a [comic book] combat. This is bigger than Brenda and Kelly fighting over Dylan McKay and his [sideburns] in [Beverly Hills 90210|90210]. This is [Good vs. Evil], baby. [Light vs. Dark]. Betty is a pleasant, caring, baking, loyal, sunny kinda girl. Veronica is deliciously nasty and spiteful and independent. They are complete opposites, they are flip sides of the same coin, like [Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead|Rosencrantz and Guildenstern], they are [alter ego]s, so let’s forget the most puzzling element of all, that Betty and [Ronnie] engage in all out warfare over.. [Archie Andrews] of all people, the freckly [carrot-top] who ogles over absolutely anything and everything in a skirt, in a completely drooling, tongue lapping sorta way, and just consider for a second which of the iconoclastic babes would get the man. Lets consider which is better, out-and-out manipulation or secretive plotting with a cherries and chocolate coating? Even if in secret I think they are the same person with [transposable] hair!


  • [Veronica] is the sexy [brunette] with all the glamorous clothes and the mansion and the filthy rich father and butler. She has a lineup of boys at her disposal whenever she wants, and this entices Archie because he is a typical American teenage boy with rampant hormones and egotistical dreams. Veronica is in this way, far more desirable and exotic than the [girl-next-door], Betty Cooper.
  • In the [Archie] series it is obvious that Archie and Ronnie are the actual couple. Ronnie claims that Archie belongs to her and he agrees with that (generally in the presence of Veronica). Archie is so puppy-like [smitten] by Ronnie, in the same way Betty adores him. In this way, Betty and Archie seem more like brother and sister. He only seeks out Betty’s company when Ronnie has rejected him, or when he needs help with [math].
  • Ronnie may be icy and wicked and [boy crazy], but she also likes Archie far more than any other boy.
  • Although Betty is a better athlete than the untouchable, [primp]ish, delicate Veronica, and would certainly beat Ronnie in fist to fist battle (or [slap] to slap), Veronica is also insanely wealthy with a troop of hired [goons] who could finish the job for her without her having to break a nail.
  • Besides, [raven haired chicks] always do well in battle.
  • Betty may certainly be a better [role model], in sensible outfits like [retro] pants and [vest]s, and her low maintenance [ponytail] rather than Veronica’s stringent [beauty routine] every morning. She studies a lot, she is modest, and bright and hopeful. But unfortuately, this is often overshadowed by her [eager]ness, and her propensity towards being a willing [doormat]. Besides this, the levelheaded, role model Betty goes out the window when it comes to her darling Archie. In the tale entitled “Attention Getter”, Betty tries on Veronica's old bikini (yes, her remnants) that Archie salivated over last year, and fantasises about how she will be the one to capture his interest this year.
  • Veronica follows the old "[Treat 'em mean, Keep 'em keen]" philosophy unconsciously, habitually.. and Archie is a [sucker] for it, so since Ronnie isn’t going to transform into a more gentle, kind soul any time soon, Archie will always be trailing behind her with [cartoon] [love hearts] in his eyes and his jaw scraping the cement.

Yey Betty!!

  • Even though Archie is fixated with Ronnie, if you look on the other side, he and Betty share the same [style], they have everything in common and have been through a lot together. It seems only a matter of time until he finally wises up to exactly how [evil] Veronica is, and turns around for [comfort] in Betty, only to notice that here was this perfect, faithful girl, all along. Besides, gentlemen will always prefer blondes. This renders the physical battle between Veronica and Betty [extraneous]. Betty will eventually win him over when his hormones settle down a trace, and Veronica will buy [Fabio], so everybody wins.
  • Another way to consider this is that Betty is in no way purely innocent in this situation. Archie drives her mad and aggressive - why, Betty even sent the big dumb [beefcake] [Moose] running for the hills when she was caught in the grasps of Archie induced fury. Betty is fighting for love, while Veronica is only fighting out of malice. "[Love conquers all]" remember? Good will eventually stamp out evil!
  • The rest of the gang will encourage Archie to be with Betty. The slick, spiteful [Reggie], because he wants Ronnie to himself, and [Jughead] because Betty is nice, and has [burger]s with him on a lazy Friday night.
  • Veronica lives in luxury; she can waste money as though it is as available as oxygen. She travels to school in a [limo], has the fanciest pool in [Riverdale] and the sexiest custom-made outfits. Archie absolutely never has any money, and is forever borrowing from Veronica, which she throws massive [hissy fit]s over. In the tale "The Master Manipulator" the question is put forward… if Veronica has such [expensive tastes], if she is so [hot], if she has dated far superior men.. then what the hell is she doing with Archie anyway? This implies that she truly is merely dating Archie to ensure that Betty does not get him for herself.
  • Archie can never be with Ronnie forever because when Daddykins hates Archie, Ronnie is all over him, but on the rare occasion Daddykins likes archie, Ronnie is repelled, and avoids him, opting for Reggie instead. Or shopping.

Betty and Veronica

"[Betty And Veronica]" was a line of comics whereby the two girls actually banded together and did things other than pining after Archie, such as women’s soccer, videos and [idol worship]. They also reunite two old long lost loves. Betty and Veronica suffer from the "[the grass is always greener on the other side|Grass is Always Greener]" syndrome, and we learn that they actual [envy] each other’s lives. Veronica wishes she was smarter at school and didn’t have to live up to the expectations of the affluent people she is surrounded with. Betty wishes she had lots of clothes and money.

When all is said and done, I must confess I don't really care who wins, I just hope that sweet little Archie gets laid.

Besides, Banky said it best in the movie "[Chasing Amy]".. .Archie just wants a [threesome].