A whole bunch of those pro-anorexia lists at yahoogroups.com have been deleted without prior warning. Which means I guess Yahoo! retracted their statement that these groups were protected by freedom of speech. Hmm, even though I am biased and even though I can also concede that these groups are certainly a little suspect in their nature, it seems that this is a complete act of not only ignorance, but hypocrisy. For starters, nobody in all the recent media which has shrouded the subject has portrayed an accurate, rounded picture of what these groups are really like. The Sally Jesse show edited it beyond compare, magazine articles take on a skeptical stance, the entire thing has been blown completely out of proportion. The support aspect of the groups has been completely denied as they focus more on the idea that these girls are not only ‘teaching’ each other how to undertake dangerous behavior, but apparently drawing in other girls to add to their ‘pro ana world’. The truth is a little more savoury. The tricks they teach each other are healthy in nature (as ‘healthy’ as anorexics can be). What I mean is, where an anorexic or anorexic wannabe might, left to their own devices, starve themselves too quickly, and too extremely, landing themselves in hospital with major organ damage, these groups maintain the mentality of ‘an anorexic lifestyle’ as opposed to actually dying. They educate themselves in nutrition and take proper vitamins and live the way they like (or they only way they can) in as healthy a manner as possible. A lot of women have been living this way for years and are strong and healthy and have never been in hospital. They are always concerned if somebody is pushing themselves too far, or blacking out or anything. As well, they are not trying to influence other girls. They know that their obsession is sick and not a desirable way to live, and they don’t like the idea that other girls might be inclined in such a direction. A post, of late:
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Remember anorexia is a lifestyle, and we need to promote it to others, and by doing this we will grow stronger ourselves!

I couldn’t even believe this, and apparently others couldn’t either because here are some examples of responses to that:
um.......NO. This is what the fucking media is trying to nail us on! We’re not "forcing it" or "collecting anorexia disciples" or anything....the other anorexics COME TO US. We support, offer advice, work together by our own choice. If we "promoted" anorexia everyone would be dying...think about it....not to sound bitchy. Aw fuck whatever, but {insert name here}, this sorta made me ill....


Not trying to down your views and opinions here but you're sounding a little bit like Hitler in the sentence. I definitely don't want to promote anorexia to anyone, I don't know about you but I am a part of these groups for support, acceptance and understanding not to be a part of some growing secret society that wants to convert young girls into the unhealthy life of an eating disorder.


I think I'm just reinterating what every 1 else is saying. Eating disorders are not healthy!!!! We have developed them and it's totally unfair to make others go through this. Using that idea it's like leading the lambs to slaughter!!!!! I don't want to be associated to anything that could inflict torture on the unsuspecting!!

I know that some e2ers feel that this type of group is just nasty and that they feel as though these people are glorifying their own personal terrors, but, although I can completely understand that, I don’t sympathise with it because in this world, there is always going to be somebody who wants what you have, who finds some beauty in something which you find ugly. And I don’t think we should let ourselves ever take things personally like that. If you have anorexia and hate it, I don’t think it should worry you how other people actually strive for it because that’s just the way things are. I have depression and I wouldn’t wish it upon anybody but I can still be objective and joke about it, even though it has and might still come close to killing me. I think people who pretend to be depressed are fairly pathetic but it doesn’t insult me personally.

Anyway, the point is, I think it is appalling the way these pro-anorexia groups have been portrayed, although I also see it as a good thing. Although the truth hasn’t come out, it will also keep these groups smaller and more secretive, and therefore supportive, if there is a stigma attached to them. This will keep ‘curious’, impressionable girls who may not otherwise develop certain habits, from going there at all. Because if you did go there, you’d see how caring and friendly it all is, and for most girls it is the only place they are understood, the only place they are free from judgment. I don’t think, amongst all the pig shooters, necrophiliacs and anarchists, who basically encourage destruction on a wider scale, not to mention imposing it on others, pro anorexia groups should be systematically deleted when in some ways they are a very positive thing. They help these girls from getting too sick, and it is not as though they stop each other from making the choice to recover. It’s more pro-choice. The term pro-anorexia was probably coined incorrectly and misused, and misinterpreted, e.g. on the Sally Jesse show they stated that pro-anorexia stood for ‘promoting’ anorexia. Which is a complete fallacy. Yes, these girls are on a somewhat self destructive path but the majority of them will never land in hospital, never die. They seldom take things too far. They don’t feel as alienated, since they have in each other some sense of understanding. So there is no need to go as far. This is all a generalization, clearly there would be some girls who are extra sick, but the media has also depicted the groups in a not only a largely generalized light, but a stereotypical one. Besides, when is Yahoo! going to start deleting masochist groups, gothique groups, paedophilia groups?

These groups will continue on despite this. Now, however, they will be more buried, they will take on inconspicuous names and make it harder for other anorexics to find any kind of support, apart from the recovering variety. Not all anorexics are ready for that yet, and will be further isolated.