Presented as a black and white comic strip, my dream had a title:

The Dog of Higher Evolution!

The canine in question was your average beagle. The first panel depicted the animal walking down the street pondering its enormous intellect. However, since the dog cannot yet speak it is impossible for him to share his lofty thoughts and dreams with mankind. His intelligence had long ago surpassed that of most men so this was the final step needed to claim his rightful spot as our superior. But how to accomplish such a feat? Suddenly, the answer presents itself. In order for the dog of higher evolution to proceed in his development he must kill and dine on the brains of unsuspecting humans. Upon arrival at home, the dog approaches his owner- a young girl in a little skirt with pigtails. He sends subliminal messages to her suggesting that he is in need of a bath. The girl complies and begins to fill a tub with water. As she bends over to dump the water the dog leaps triumphantly into the air and locks his jaws onto her head...

The end.