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Q: How do you enter a diary-like text? The sort of little day-related thingy that theyblogs are full of? Sari, I meant the sort of little day-related thingies of which theyblogs ae full. I do not much like today, particularly this evening when my last (so far) television expired; maybe venting my spleen will make me feel better (selfish?) and help others without television (who did not choose to so be) to recognize that they may feel resentment and frustration, and if they had had access to and control of a working television set and then lost said powers they are not alone. So? How do I do the diary thing?

A: to be inserted when I get around to it

In the mean time, I'd like to note the following:

25 April MMV
Stealth something's wslashu about Manson may capture the musical side of this dude. Perhaps that is best, just to focus on the Beach Boys connection and only mention in passing the names of people he had killed or thos of his "family" he had kill; perhaps to reiterate the accounts of the Tate-LaBianca murders is not really constructive. But heck, folks who don't already know the story may wander by, and leave thinking he was just another semi-talented song-writer, and I don't think that is right. True, the times were weird: we had, all in short order, the Weather Underground, the Symbionese Liberation Army, the Manson Family, Jamestown, Altamont, Kent State. We may not have known where Mecca was, but most (guys and their parents) knew where Canada was, and more or less where South-East Asia was. The Watts Riots (1966) were held in our city. We and our elders could be exposed to extremely powerful drugs; LSD was an experimental (not illegal) drug. A friend of mine lived around the corner from the LaBiancas; we were in high school about three blocks ( 400m) away, the high school that appeared in "Grease" and "Mr. Novack", the high school where, it is rumored, President Nixon's helicopter landed one weekend.