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Jeffrey Liles is the voice and words behind cottonmouth, texas. Former co-founder of the Dallas abstract hip-hop group Decadent Dub Team, who contributed a remixed version of their song "Six Gun" (by Dr. Dre - his first remix ever) to the soundtrack of the Dennis Hopper-directed LA gang movie "Colors" in 1989.

cottonmouth, texas has released three albums to date, "white trash receptacle", "anti-social butterfly", and "The Right to Remain Silent". Participated in the last Lollapalooza tour in 1997, and has toured the United States three different times.

Jeff Liles is currently working with partner Perla Doherty on "the last record store", a documentary about Bill's Records, a mom-and-pop record store in Dallas, Texas. ( He is also a producer and director for the new DVD magazine, Substance TV. (