How to get badass scores at Monkey Target

or How to be a Hero ;)

I'm talking about 2000+ points for 5 rounds

Use the character Baby for it is most affected by windspeed and rolls least upon contact with the ground.

Area 1 is very good for collecting bananas. Save up for x3 multipliers.

Areas 2 & 3 are good for bouy landings (worth 500 points each) and practice but little else.

Don't use your x3 multiplier until there is a windspeed of 15mph or above. This is because you will use the windspeed to reduce your own speed. ;)

When you get a decent windspeed, build up your own speed and then go fly as high as you can manage, 240+ feet is good. However keep you speed to around 90mph for a while.

To land on a bouy using only the windspeed to slow you do something like the following. Line up the bouy in front of you so that the windspeed is in your face and slowing you.

As you get closer to the bouy start pulling back on the control stick to slow down and to raise your altitude, you will also notice that your camera angle has changed, try and keep this angle.

Try and land on the bouy, then try again.

Try it a few more times.

Well you've either given up or have managed it, err well done?

Trust me this is better than my original attempt to do this :/