The advice in the above writeups is mostly in your best interests to heed, but, it is occasionally necessary to lie to tech support, in order to get out of an endless loop of questions which they're asking you, probsbly because their diagnostic software is stuck in an endless loop too, because it doesn't believe you.

For example, I once had an odd fault with my nVidia GeForce video card, where colours and intensity blurred horizontally across the screen.

The first thing I was told to do (after informing them I was using FreeBSD, and had tried swapping the monitor), was to reinstall my video drivers from the supplied resource CD.

After a moment or two, I realised the only possible route to a replacement part was to claim I had rebooted into Windows and pretend to go along with the procedure, attempting to quote dialogue boxes from memory.

I'm happy to say that it worked, although there was a scary moment when the cordless telephone's battery ran out, but she helpfully called me back - at their expense.