Last night I was collecting nodes to read on the commuter train in the morning. I've been considering attaching a wireless NIC and cellular modem to my laptop and running some router software so I and anyone else that knows about it can use my Internet connection on the train. I don't know that there are enough people that would benefit from it. I've seen one lady several times before and yesterday was the first time I noticed her using a laptop on the train. It would be neat if I started a trend. Well, I guess that depends on how dumb I'm being..

I'm working on 8 nodes with the E2 offline scratchpad. I like to make good pipe links, so I did a bunch of searching, but I have to be a little disciplined to stop myself from reading them as I go (I'm saving that for the commute).

Now I am on the train, and I am still not reading the nodes. When I'm reading on the bus, sometimes I miss my stop. This almost happened on the train once. But it never happens when I'm writing. If anyone knows of an offline proxy for E2 that would let me read and vote while I'm on the train, please msg me. It is possible to get the nodes out of temporary internet files, and even vote on them, but then I have to make sure I leave the web browser open until I'm reconnected to the Internet and then submit the votes.

I suppose it's time to go see what you all had to say in the nodes I collected.