I thought it would be good if I could vote on writeups without knowing who wrote them. It's easy enough to ignore the byline most of the time, but sometimes it just sticks out. borgo pointed out that you couldn't send a message if you didn't know who wrote it... Maybe the simplest answer is to change the byline from a link to the author to a pipelink to the author that displays as "author".

Ha ha! This feature is already here. Just look at writeup settings. It's in your preferences node. You have to be level 3 to use it, and all you have to do is use "pseudoanon" as the name of the section to put in the header. The default is "author." If you think "pseudoanon" should be in the default section header for all noders instead of "author," upvote this. If you think the default section header is perfect, downvote this. If you think I'm abusing the voting mechanism, ask an editor to delete this writeup.

If you have insights on the issue that I'm not mentioning, please /msg me.