I walk my dog every morning at 5am. Even on the weekends. Ok, well, maybe 5:15 on the weekends. During the week, I end up on the train to work, then on a bus, and finally on a walk. This morning, on that walk, I saw a rabbit snacking by some bushes. There isn't much cover around - just manicured bushes and lawns in the business park, so I wondered where the rabbit would run if I chased it. I didn't want to chase it though, because it looked content with its snack.

Farther along, I saw a crow. I watched the crow. They never look content to me. Apparently, I scared the shit out of it when I said "CAWW!" and it flew away, feces dripping from its rear. It was funny to me.

Today is 7/11, which reminds me of two things. One is that tragedy and the other is a friend of mine who moved to the bay area. He used to date my sister and manage a (let's play pick-the-right-node-title:) 7/11 , 7-11, 7 11, seven eleven.

Today I thought about the two or three times that I read something about someone introducing another person to a medium (usually on the net) that magnifies the value of the individual by providing them with either opportunities to learn or communication with valuable people like you all. It's very inspiring.

A few days ago I talked to a lady at McDonalds. She told me she used to be politically active and was a poli-sci major. I'm always looking for ways to get people to realize that we can change the way things are, that it matters, and that you can figure it out if you keep an open mind. She, like me, was already there, so I told her about my search for those ways. I told her about E2, and about the Approval Voting yahoo email list. A couple weeks ago a guy I used to work with found me on the Internet and told me a friend of his had started getting interested in politics, and that it was rubbing off on him. So I told him about that stuff too.