A couple years ago, I thought it would be a good idea to compile the daylogs from that fateful day into a book. I have started a publishing business which is publishing it. Litmocracy will earn nothing but recognition for this.

The 34 dayloggers who gave me permission to use their writeups are listed in the page describing the original idea. The copyright notice in the book indicates that each daylogger maintains the copyright on his or her individual writeup(s). Thanks to OldMiner for pointing out that some folks might downvote this writeup thinking that I foolishly used the work of others without their permission.

How to get a copy

You can buy a copy of the book for $10 plus S&H by visiting http://www.lulu.com/content/183291. This earns E2 $3.35.

Lulu also provides bulk discounts on orders of 26 or more books, in case any local group of noders is interested. Organizing a nodermeet around the distribution of the books would save on shipping and be kinda cool. According to Walter's E2 Gatherings, there hasn't been a nodermeet in California since 2004. I know I've been away from E2. In fact, I've never been to a nodermeet.

Donation Box

I can't find the donation box, so I'll just keep track of sales here.

As of October, 2011, two more copies have been sold = $6.28

As of May, 2012, three more copies have been sold = $6.77 for a total of 13.05

Clearly, 3.35 * 5 does not equal 13.05, but for whatever reason, Lulu is providing less revenue per sale than previously.  I still haven't found the donation box, so if anyone knows where it is, please let me know.

To dayloggers who asked for a free copy:

Please email me your address so that I can mail you a copy of the book. In your email, also let me know whether you consider S&H as part of your compensation for contributing your daylog.

Many thanks to all those who contributed their writeup to this book, but especially to swankivy who edited the whole thing.
One third of the people who voted on this node have given it a minus, but I have not received any indication of why. I don't have sharp teeth or claws or a vindictive or even defensive nature, so if there's something bad about this, please let me know what I can do to fix it, or what I can do differently in the future.

karma debt is aware of the book and has only given me encouragement.