A park in London, UK. I like it a lot. Spent the afternoon there today... Munching cheese and crackers, guzzling wine and reading. Wild and weird October weather today for swinging London - 23 °C and no rain!

It is a mighty fine park. In contrast to the other rather wussie London parks it is untamed in some places. It has a house-museum-gallery thingy called Kenwood House where they have classical concerts in the summer. It is also filled with art (including stuff by Van Dyck, Vermeer and Turner) and some old trinkets and furniture. The other noteworthy feature of the park is a hill with a name, Parliament Hill and err... you can climb it and look around.

But the best feature according to me is the dogs. Man, the English love their canines. The place is crawling with people walking Fluffy, Spot and Killer. They (the dogs mostly) swim in the lakes and rush around chasing sticks, squirrels and birds.

I'm going back tomorrow! (I lost my car keys on our picnic spot).