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From Newport in South Wales

Famous for Chartists being put down over a hundred years ago, a bridge, some 2nd rate tramp that wrote poetry, and once having a steel/coal industry and still going on and on about the good old days. When beer was 2d (thats old non metric money to Americans and europeans) and kids died form being shoved down the pit aged 6.

Now has some bad sculptures, a high crime rate, massive sink estates and lots of single mothers, with a full set....That is a black baby, a white baby, a brown get the picture.

It also has one of the worst scultures ever, a slab of granite in John Frost Square(Yes a square named after one of them Chartist blokes that got put down by the British Army). The slab is a perch for the pigeons that infest this town, and supposed to be a memorial to the war dead of Newport.

I mentioned pigeons, that is the other thing you cant miss. We have millions of them that make a fine living from the numerous curry houses, pubs, and fast food dispenserys that fill Newports town centre.

Pubs are the only growth industry in the town, and alas it has to be said most of them are rubbish. Although The Hereford and The Hornblower are ok, but please avoid the BAMBER in the Hornblower.