Last night was photogrophy night.

cobie and me were bored and driving around Boston after 11pm. Finally found an open dinner at the edge of Chinatown. We were both hungry. I had chocolate chip pancakes and cobie had a BLT. The waitress was pretty cute and was in a somewhat silly mood. The other waitress had dreadlocks going down to half her back and had an interesting tattoo on her upper right arm. I forget the name of the diner tho. But doesn't matter.

Anyhoo, after leaving we noticed quite a few locations and objects that would be nice to take a picture of at night. We headed back to my place, picked up the digital camera, chatted on #everything briefly of course, and we were on our way out to Boston again.

Took tons of still pictures. They will be rather dark since I can't control the exposure time on the camera and could not use flash. Afterwards we drove around aimlessly, going through Coolidge Corner, Cleveland Circle and chatting. I did not get back home until 3am.

Unfortunately I had set the camera in flashpix format instead of plain jpeg. gphoto does not seem to understand flashpix. I'll have to download the images at work.

Well it's Christmas day today and a solar eclipse in progress. Made a pinhole on a large thick piece of paper and held a piece of white paper behind it. A small image of the sun with a bitemark showed up. It did get noticable dim outside as well. Cool.

Well I'm off to see family. Bye.