I read a page every day in a Food for Thought book by Hazelden, a 12 step publisher. September 11th's page stressed the importance and meaning of living for today, because we don't know what will happen tomorrow.

I thought it was kind of apropos.

I work about a mile or less from the Pentagon. On Tuesday, people in the office watched the smoke fill the sky in Washington. Several people heard an explosion about half an hour after the Pentagon was hit. I didn't hear it, I wasn't near a window.

We watched the TV in the President's office, and talked about the rumors flying around. We saw the footage of the plane smashing into the World Trade Center, the smoke, the insanity. Everyone was terrified, most people started leaving right away. I couldn't leave as the MARC train wasn't running.

I had to catch a ride with my boss's boss, who didn't leave until 4 or so. We all thought there would be more attacks and bombs, and being within blocks of the Congress and the Senate on Capitol Hill was nerve-wracking that day. When we finally left, as we drove north towards Baltimore on I-95, a big sign advised us not to go to New York City as there had been an "incident" and traffic was really bad. We had to laugh at the understatement of it, it was just absurd. It still doesn't seem real. /me misses Hermetic

I didn't get a chance to meet Hermetic at the noder's meet coming up in October. He sounded happy to be coming, and meeting people, and offered his services giving rides to people. I was shocked and floored by his untimely decision. I'm truly sorry you had so much pain, Adam.

My heart goes out to everyone involved in this terrible tragedy. My prayers and my love - Jamie