I saw Mobia's Trip back in July of 1999. This Washington, DC band is now defunct, sad to say. They reminded me of some folksy melodic 70's band. I would say smooth rock with a solid funk beat is as definitive as I can get. Long, seven to ten minute songs interspersed with shorter ones, very beautiful and intricate guitar fingering in a rock vein overlaying a very tight, funkadelic drum beat. The bass is solid and holds up the guitar melody well. I like the way Josh Edelstein defined it for me - "super-rock-alistic smoothed out on the groove-pop tip".

The drummer, Paul Hoffman, holds a very funky tight backbeat up and it shines in the light. Evan Field sings & plays guitar and Josh Edelstein plays bass, sings as well. Many of the songs stretched out to include a long instrumental break; kind of nice, but diminished the energy of the cut slightly - the break didn't often build up any steam, just continued in the same vein albeit very beautifully. At one point, they were joined by an actual sawman who twanged his way through a song or two. For such a laid back band, the amount of energy they put out is a nice surprise. They're a lot of fun to listen to, and very nice guys to boot.