Work has been driving me crazy for the past few weeks. My assistant is out on maternity leave and I'm working by myself. Tomorrow I get a new helper (temp) from Georgia, the country so that should help some what. I am giving him the crappy stuff to do that we always put off, and that should help him settle in and acclimate and meet everyone here as well.

I wish I could write about some other stuff but that's not such a good idea anymore. It never was, was it? On the other hand, I'm changing my IRL name to Jamie. I really like hearing it from others when they say, "Hi, Jamie!" I like it so much better than my other name. My other name feels like down and out, this one feels happy and pretty.

I just read five incredible wu's by Aphrodite about her Rachel. Read them! They are on her home page and they kick ass! She's an awesome writer. Aphrodite, come back!