Went to my very first yoga class last night. Wow! It was so awesome - so much better than reading the book and trying to do it myself at home. The teacher was good, helpful, and the class was almost two hours. At the end of class, the lights were turned out, we covered ourselves with our blankets (or beach towels) and laid quietly for ten minutes. I drifted off, body and mind totally relaxed. It was amazing. The combination of meditation, exercise has really appealed to me this year, so I'm delighted I went. It was a soothing, relaxing end to an awful day.

I feel so great today, after that class. I need to incorporate meditation and exercise into my daily life, and although I am far from being a morning person, I may need to just do some yoga in the morning and take the class at night. When I tried to add exercise, like walking the dog for an hour instead of 10-20 minutes, it didn't work. Right now I drag myself out of bed at the last possible moment.

But now, facing this probable surgery I feel the need to strengthen my system and my muscles as much as possible so I can come through it okay. I don't really think it's cancer, so hopefully we can rule that out and I can wait until after summer is over and it's cold again. I love summer, and I don't want to spend it in bed.

Thank you masukomi and NothingLasts4Ever, for your energy and support!